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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   What are general questions related to MixZon Website Registration?
  1. Why do I need to register with MixZon Inc?

    By registering with MixZon Inc, you can download CORMIX evaluation software, CORMIX technical reports and related documentation from our website, using your account information (user name and password).

    Your registration information will help us inform you about future
    CORMIX developments, workshops, conferences and software updates.

  2. Will MixZon share my account information with any other person, company or enterprise?

    NO. Your account information and personal contact details will NOT be shared with any other person, company, enterprise or third-party. Your contact information will be used for our internal purposes ONLY.

  3. Once I have registered on the MixZon website, when will I get my user name and password (account information)?

    Your account information is automatically e-mailed to the e-mail address you used during registration.

    Please be sure to check your Junk e-mail folders and/or SPAM filters, if you do not get your MixZon account information - user name and password within 24 hours after successful registration.

    Please request your IT personnel to update your mail servers to accept e-mails from "".

    Please Contact us if you continue to have problems with your registration.

  4. What is the "Opt Out" option during registration?

    From time to time, MixZon sends e-mails,to its registered clients,  information about CORMIX software, updates, upgrades, scheduled workshops, training, and conferences.

    Please note we do not spam our clients.

    You may however choose to not receive such e-mails from MixZon, by OPTING OUT from our mailing list.

    To OPT OUT, please check the "Opt Out" box on the registration page.