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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   What is the difference between CorMaintenance and CorSupport?
A:   All CORMIX purchases and leases come with 30 days of free licensing and installation support, beginning on the date the order is processed.

After this period, the purchase of a CorMaintenance contract is required for MixZon to help with issues related to installation and licensing. CorMaintenance does not provide an additional license for CORMIX, but will permit a limited one-time transfer of license in the event of hardware failure, operating system upgrade, computer upgrade, user change, and other events which require MixZon licensing support.

CorSupport provides answers to general questions about physical processes and mixing zone modeling, help with understanding input parameters, and assistance with interpretation of simulation results. It is purchased on a subscription basis for periods of 3, 6 months or 1 year, and is issued to one user. CorSupport contracts do not provide any form of licensing or installation support; this requires a separate CorMaintenance contract.

VIEW the CorMaintenance - CORMIX Software Maintenance Agreement

VIEW the CorSupport - CORMIX Technical Support Subscription Agreement