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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   How do I activate CORMIX, using the "E-mail Unlock" option?
A:   Follow these instructions carefully, to unlock/activate your commercial copy of CORMIX using the E-mail Unlock procedure described below.


You should have already installed CORMIX v12.0E on your computer. If you do not have CORMIX v12.0E installed, then download and install the free Evaluation version from

CORMIX is a protected application with license manager control to the fully functional commercial versions (CORMIX v12.0G/GT/GTH/GTS/GTD). It is locked, and will not run all functions until it is unlocked.

1. Make sure you have a computer with an active Internet connection. You will need to connect to website to submit your unlock request and during the entire activation process.

2. Run the CORMIX program. A dialog box, titled "Evaluation Period for CORMIX", with a brief explanation of the unlock procedure will be displayed.

3. Press the "E-mail Unlock" button at the bottom of the dialog box. This will display a popup window, titled "Unlock Via E-Mail".

4. Read the instructions under "Step 1: Request Unlock Codes" and press the button to the RIGHT of these instructions.
(The button is labeled in red "Request Unlock Codes" with an unlocked Lock icon).

5. Make sure to complete all information (Session Code, Computer ID and LicenseID) in the web form that appears and press the "Submit Unlock Request" button on the web form.

6. You should receive an e-mail reply with the unlock codes within 48 hours.

7. Enter the unlock codes (LicenseID, Purchase Code, Unlock Code 1 and Unlock Code 2) supplied to you in the e-mail message from MixZon in the "Unlock via E-mail" pop up window, in Step 2, and press "OK".

8. A message will appear that your application has been activated successfully with the licensing information. You will need to RESTART CORMIX for the new license to initialize the software to the commercial version.

For TERMED licenses, the license duration is computed from the date on which the necessary CORMIX licensing information is made available to the end-user or his/her representative or the effective start date requested by the end user.

You do not need to leave the application loaded while waiting for an unlock code; the SessionCode and ComputerID code values will be saved in the application for later retrieval.