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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   When does my current CORMIX License Expire?
A:   To determine the number of DAYS left in a CORMIX License, please follow these steps:

1. You have to be licensed to one of the following CORMIX versions

Note: The current supported version is CORMIX v12.0.

2. Run CORMIX.

3. Click on the "Help->About CORMIX" menu option.

4. In the "About CORMIX" window that appears, click on the "Version Details" button.

5. A text file called "Version_Details.txt" will appear.

6. Search for an entry called "Lease Expires In:" in this file.
This will indicate the number of days LEFT in the current license.
Example: "License Expires In : 92 days"

7. When there are LESS than 30 days remaining for the CORMIX license to expire, a countdown with the number of days left till lease expiration will appear on the CORMIX "Welcome" window, whenever CORMIX is started.

The license duration is computed from the date on which the necessary CORMIX licensing information is made available to the end-user or his/her representative.

Please DO NOT MODIFY the date and time settings on your computer, AFTER a CORMIX TERMED license has been ACTIVATED.

This is a licensing violation and will cause the CORMIX licensing system to fail. CORMIX will stop working!