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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   Where can I get help on using the CORMIX User Interface?
A:   Thanks to feedback and suggestions from our clients, CORMIX has a new look and easy to use GUI with exhaustive built-in help systems and documentation. Help information can be accessed via one of the following methods:

  1. Place the mouse pointer over any of the widgets (entry boxes, push buttons, checkboxes, etc.) on the interface. A yellow box, "Tool Tip", will appear, with a brief hint about that widget's use and meaning.

  2. Right-Click the mouse pointer over any of the widgets on the interface. A "Help Popup Window" with information pertaining to that specific widget will appear.

  3. On this "Help Popup Window", click the "Online Help" button. This connects to our web site, and you can view the "Online Context Sensitive Help" pop-up page with additional information and illustrations about the data required.*

  4. Place the mouse pointer over any of the widgets on the interface and press the F1 key. This will open your web browser to launch the appropriate section of the "Online Context Sensitive Help".

  5. In the CORMIX GUI/window, click on the "User Manual" button to access the CORMIX User Manual. An Acrobat PDF version of the manual, "User_Manual.pdf", is installed in the /docs sub directory. This can be used for printing. This manual can also be downloaded from our website.

  6. In the CORMIX GUI/window, click on the "CorHelp" button to access the online user interface help manual and guide.*

  7. In the CORMIX GUI/window or any of the pre- or post-processing tools (e.g. CorSpy, CorVue) go to "Help -> CorHelp - Online User Guide" menu option to access the online user interface help/guide for that specific tool.*

  8. Determine how CORMIX predicts the flow class by viewing the Flow-Class Decision Tree after each successful simulation by clicking of the "FC- DTree" button.*

  9. Additional information, resources, FAQ and search is available at the CORMIX.INFO website.

  10. Attend a CORMIX Training Workshop. Information on scheduled workshops can be found HERE.

  11. If you still have difficulty using CORMIX, you may send a request by e-mail to:
    You may need a CorSupport - Technical Support Subscription in order for us to respond to specific queries.

Entering Information Into the CORMIX GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  1. The currently active entry box should be highlighted yellow.

  2. Navigation from one entry box to the next can be accomplished by pressing  "Tab" (forward) and "Shift+Tab" (backward) keys on your keyboard.

  3. Deleting the entire contents of an entry box is achieved by double-clicking it with the left mouse button

  4. Textual contents from other Windows applications that are placed on the clipboard can be pasted directly into entry boxes by using  "Ctrl + V". Conversely, textual contents can be cut or copied from entry boxes and used in other Windows applications or placed in other entry boxes by pressing "Ctrl + X" (cut) and "Ctrl + C" (copy).

* Requires an active internet connection