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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   Where can I get a copy of D-CORMIX?
A:   D-CORMIX is a LEGACY DOS command line model that has been discontinued product and is no longer licensed, distributed or supported. The modeling capability of D-CORMIX is contained within the latest releases of CORMIX.

CORMIX simulates dense single port (CORMIX1), multiport (CORMIX2) and surface discharges (CORMIX3) with suspended sediment loads. CORMIX can simulate far-field density current mixing (buoyant spreading) along a sloping bottom.

CORMIX GTS (Advanced Tools Sediment Release), replaces the legacy D-CORMIX product for dense sediment, drill cuttings and muds discharges.

CORMIX GT (Advanced Tools Release), replaces the legacy B-CORMIX product for dense brine discharges.

You can evaluate CORMIX prediction capabilities for dense brine and sediment discharges in the following ways within the free evaluation version (CORMIX v12.0E), before licensing:

  1. Specify a Conservative Effluent type with discharge density > ambient density.
  2. Specify a Brine Effluent type.
  3. Specify a Sediment Effluent type.
  4. The CORMIX user manual contains most of the information needed to model dense brine and sediment discharges. -The user manual can be downloaded HERE.
  5. Additional information about D-CORMIX can be found in the D-CORMIX technical report available for download HERE.
  6. The SAB report is available at:
  7. The April 04 issue of ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (Vol. 103, No. 4, pp. 349-359) has a complete description of the scientific background of D-CORMIX.
  8. Additional scientific reference information about the background of CORMIX and D-CORMIX can be found at CORMIX References.
  9. For successful application, we would strongly encourage the end user to attending a CORMIX Training Workshop.
  10. Additional information on modeling dense brine and sediment discharges can be found at