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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   What is the difference between CorSupport and MixZon consulting services?
A:   A CorSupport contract provides answers to general questions about mixing zone modeling and the use of the CORMIX model. This can include questions related to the purpose of input parameters, assistance with the interpretation of simulation results, questions about how physical processes relate to the model itself, and questions about the use and interpretation of the various tools available within CORMIX. CorSupport is intended to assist the subscriber better utilize the model by answering his or her technical questions about CORMIX.

CorSupport subscriptions do not provide professional consulting services, such as a technical review of your case, outfall design or regulatory mixing zone advice. However, MixZon will gladly offer these professional consulting services on a contract basis. Please contact us for more information about consulting on your project.

Please also note that CorSupport does not cover installation and licensing issues, which are covered separately by CorMaintenance.

VIEW the CorMaintenance - CORMIX Software Maintenance Agreement

VIEW the CorSupport - CORMIX Technical Support Subscription Agreement