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Q:   Will my current CORMIX licensing be affected in any way, if I upgrade my computer to Windows 10 operating system?
A:   CORMIX v10.0 is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 - 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Based on our testing, there are currently NO known compatibility issues.

YES, your current CORMIX licensing will FAIL if you try running it AFTER upgrading your computer to Windows 10.

CORMIX is licensed per computer - a unique combination of Operating
System (OS)/ Processor (CPU) / Hard Drive Drive(HDD). Hence when you
upgrade to Windows 10, CORMIX considers it to be a new computer and the licensing will fail.

Please follow these instructions to continue to use your current and valid CORMIX v10.0 license, AFTER applying the Windows 10 upgrade:

1. Close all CORMIX v10.0 windows and tools. Backup your CORMIX case
files (*.cmx, *.prd) in another directory location or folder.

2. Completely Un-Install CORMIX v10.0 from your computer using the
Windows Add/Remove Programs option from under the Windows Control

Once the un-install is complete, please navigate to the
CORMIX installation folder in your computer, usually
C:\Program Files(x86)\CORMIX v10.0\

DELETE any remaining CORMIX files or folders under this directory.

4. Now re-install CORMIX, by downloading and installing the CORMIX
v10.0E Evaluation version setup file from our website at

5. Please Contact Us to request an additional activation for installation and use of your current and valid CORMIX v10.0 license after the Windows 10 upgrade.

6. Unlock and activate the CORMIX v10.0E Evaluation Version using the updated licensing information that is sent to you.

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