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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   Does the CORMIX model output provide the thickness of sediment deposit on the ambient floor/bed, when modeling dense sediment discharges using?
A:   Currently CORMIX predicts the water column concentrations of suspended sediment within the plume along its trajectory.

The thickness of the deposit is a function of accretion rate and duration. Bottom accretion rate and distribution can be determined by the mass conservation of sediment that leaves the water column.

The current CORMIX v12.0GTS (Advanced Tools Sediment), includes a plotting application called CorPlot that computes the thickness/accumulation of the bottom deposit. CorPlot will provide the following outputs for sediment,drill cuttings and muds discharge modeling:
  1. Graphical output of suspended sediments in the water column
  2. Concentration vs. Plume Centerline Downstream Distance
  3. Concentration vs. Plume Centerline Trajectory
  4. Dilution vs. Plume Centerline Downstream Distance
  5. Dilution vs. Plume Centerline Trajectory
  6. Concentration Isoline plots
  7. Dilution Isoline plots
  8. Graphical output of bottom deposition contours
  9. Bottom deposition contours plots on user specified grid and coordinate system
  10. Comma separated tabular output of the sediment deposition/accumulation thickness on the bottom along plume trajectory

One can also compute the deposition thickness assuming a duration, the model output and using a spreadsheet program like Excel.