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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   Why are my e-mails to MixZon "Undeliverable" due to a "Reverse DNS lookup" failure?
A:   Sometimes your e-mails to MixZon are rejected due to a "Reverse DNS lookup" (RDNS) failure.

Please use alternative forms of contact to get in touch with us, immediately.

RDNS lookup queries the owner of the IP addresss DNS system to see what hostname is associated with that address.

Many mail systems use reverse DNS lookup as a way of preventing spoofing, or impersonating, legitimate mail, something that phishers are doing in abundance nowadays.

If the message sources IP address (your IP address) is not associated with the reported domain name of the sender (you), then our mail system rejects the message as spoofed mail.

You can find information on reverse DNS at

Please contact your companys IT personnel, in such cases, with the e-mail failure message you get, and request them to fix this issue.