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MixZon Inc FAQ

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Q:   Why am I seeing discolored or distorted graphics visualizations in CORMIX?
A:   Occasionally, the graphics visualization tools in CORMIX like CorVue, CorSpy, CorPlot, or the CorHyd Diffuser Visualization application can render discolored or distorted images on your computer.

Such distortions may include large black areas, distorted color schemes, or colored (e.g., pink/purple) striations across the rendered graphics.  

Based on reported cases, the problem mainly occurs in laptops with integrated graphics hardware with outdated drivers.

Here are some troubleshooting steps:
1. Please download and install the latest CORMIX evaluation version on another computer. Run the CORMIX evaluation version and the visualization tools, without activating a CORMIX license, to see if the problem exists on a different computer.

2. Update the graphics device driver on your current computer. For Windows 10 systems, perform the following steps:
a. In the search box on the taskbar type "Device Manager" and then select "Device Manager".

b. In the list of categories, select "Display Drivers".

c. Under Display Driver, select the graphics system. Right-click (or press and hold) and select "Update Driver".

d. Select "Search Automatically for Drivers".

e. If Windows doesn't find a new graphics driver, you can try looking for updated drivers on the graphics hardware device manufacturer's website and follow their instructions.

3. Collect system and graphics information to send to MixZon for documentation and debugging.
Run the "ShowSysInfo" utility developed by MixZon.  This application and does not automatically transfer any information about your system to MixZon.

a. In a web browser, go to

b. Download and Save the "" file in a local directory.

c. Extract the files from the zip file and run "ShowSysInfo.exe"

d. Save or copy the results of the "ShowSysInfo" tool using its Save or Copy buttons or menu items. Email the results along with screenshots of the distorted visualizations to

Note: The above generic instructions are provided for convenience and to assist with troubleshooting. These instructions may vary depending on your computer's specific configuration. MixZon is not liable for any damages or issues that may arise from following the above instructions. We strongly recommend that you seek assistance from your organization's qualified IT staff to upgrade/update your system's graphics hardware or drivers.